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In addition to these features, you’ll find all of the regular departments, including: FYI: People, Stained Glass Mart, FYI: Notes and News, A World of Information, FYI: Stained Glass Gallery, e.Sources, e.Sources: Related Arts, Sources of Supply, and the Directory of SGAA Officers.

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  38 Responses to “Home”

  1. Is your publication indexed?
    Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum in Columbus, OH has many late 1920’s & ’30s windows by Rossbach Art Glass Studio in Columbus, but we can find almost no information on the company. A. H. Rossbach was President of the SGAA in 1919. It was a small company of 2 brothers and later a daughter.

    • There are indexes of editions of the magazine prior to 1996. Please contact the SGAA Headquarters at headquarters@SGAAOnline for more information.

      Rossbach, Adolph H. Active 1908, 1931. Columbus, OH. Served as president of the SGAA in 1919.

      Rossbach Art Glass Company. Active 1908, 1944. 101 W. Broad St., later 221 E. Fulton St., then King Ave. M.E. Church, Columbus, OH. (N)

      Rossbach, Betty. Active 1944. Columbus, OH. Worked in Rossbach Art Glass with father, Hugo Rossbach, and uncle, Charles D. Rossbach.

  2. I ordered by phone, 2 of the winter editions. How long does it take to get them?

  3. I ordered a couple of the Winter 2013-2014 copies of your magazine. How long does it take to get them?

    • Shipments go out on Fridays unless other arrangements are made. A couple of issues would go in a Priority Mail envelope, which usually take two to four days, depending on where they are going.

  4. My co-worker has the subscription for the stained glass quarterly but she now needs 5 more copies of the magazine for Winter 2013. Apparently it would be quite unnecessary to have five more annual subscriptions. Is there any link for buying individual copies of stained glass quarterly? Thank you!

    • There is no online link for buying multiple copies; however, she can call the SGAA Headquarters and order five copies of the issue. The SGAA Headquarters’ phone number is 800.438-9581.

  5. Hello- I am interested in purchasing an old copy of your magazine. I am not sure of the date but I am including the link to where I found your magazine. Thank you! Elizabeth Wilmore THE OLD UNIVERSITY CHAPEL AT MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY
    and the Legacy of its Stained Glass Windows1

  6. I’m looking for an article on Grisaille glass, a particular style of stained glass, written by Robin Neely.
    Didn’t see it in last issue. Could I have a heads up? (Or down) if such an article is unknown to you? Thank you. Henry Null, lover of most stained glass I’ve seen.

  7. Richard,

    I recently purchased a beautiful contemporary stained glass panel and I am trying to identify the artist. It is from the late 70’s or early 80’s and is of museum quality. I am a novice to the world of stained glass and wondering if there is a forum for posting a photograph to see if your readers may know who designed and produced it.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


  8. I just subscribed to your magazine. The other day I was on a site that showed contents of a number of back issues. The articles I was interested in were something like “Stained Glasss for Dummies, Parts 1 & 2? I would like to get the appropriate issues. Could you let me know which ones they are. Thank you. Mike C.

  9. I would like to give a gift subscription, but would like to pay by check.

    Is this possible?

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