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In addition to these features, you’ll find all of the regular departments, including: FYI: People, Stained Glass Mart, FYI: Notes and News, A World of Information, FYI: Stained Glass Gallery, e.Sources, e.Sources: Related Arts, Sources of Supply, and the Directory of SGAA Officers.

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  38 Responses to “Home”

  1. Lisa — you’re more likely to find help with your question on the SGAA Discussion Forum (http://sgaaonline.com/talk/index.php). I’d recommend posting your question there.

  2. Does anyone know of any records of stained glass artists circa 1860-1920 who designed a butterfly house– that is, a woman figure holding a butterfly house, with butterflies flitting nearby– very unusual thing to show, I believe. Any help is much appreciated.

  3. Rick, Don probably means his “New Model” series (of three) articles. The first one was printed in the Summer 2010 issue (current issue as of this writing). The next parts in the series will be printed in Fall 2010 and Winter 2010.

  4. RIchard, at the conference this year Don Samick of Lamb told me about some articles he wrote in the magazine recently. They were on the subject of the industry’s future. I would like to read these articles. Can you tell me what issues they were in?

  5. Suanne, you’re certainly welcome to submit your article for consideration. You can find all of the requirements on this website on the “Writing for Stained Glass” page at http://stainedglassquarterly.com/?page_id=35.

  6. The famous stained glass window designed by Grant Wood in 1929 was just restored and reinstalled in Cedar Rapids, IA. I’ve written an article about it featuring Glass Heritage of Davenport, IA that did the restoration as well as its history. It is currently unpublished, and I’m hoping you might be interested in using it in your quarterly. If so, please advise me about your requirements. Thank you.
    Suanne Huffman
    Marion, IA

  7. I would recommend that you post your question on the SGAA Discussion Forum (http://sgaaonline.com/talk/index.php). That’s the SGAA website where you’re more likely to get responses to specific questions. Also, you can find a complete list of Stained Glass Association of America Fully-Accredited Studios at http://www.sgaaonline.com/articles/selecting_a_studio.htm. These studios can all do restoration of the type you’re describing.

  8. I have recently purchased a small”Old Baptist” church. It has nine stained glass windows 3’X10″ that look in fair to good condition. ( no bowing,broken glass etc.) We don’t have money in the buget right now. But I an looking for information on preservation work I can do myself. Like cementing/glazing. I am in Winchester KY. I have looked extensively online for information but find mostly companies that are far away that do restoration. Any good “how to books that you know of?
    Thanks, Ed

  9. There is currently a “We Miss You” subscription promotion for former subscribers. Since the details of promotions like this change from time to time and because they are only available to people who have subscribed previously, the details of these promotions are not posted on the website. You are welcome to email the office (headquarters@sgaaonline.com) or call 800.438-9581 and ask about the “We Miss You” promotion.

    All regular subscription packages can be found at http://stainedglassquarterly.com/?page_id=11.

  10. I used to be a subscriber and was thinking about subscribing again. Do you have any special promotional rates for returning subscribers?

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