Feb 162010

The Stained Glass Association of America announces the publication of Sourcebook 2010. The online edition of this annual publication is now available at www.SGAAOnline.com and, as always, the book can be downloaded as a complete PDF file from www.stainedglass.org.  

The annual Sourcebook serves as a guide to the world of stained, decorative and architectural art glass, and as a directory of the membership of the Stained Glass Association of America. Last year 43,570 visitors to www.SGAAOnline.com viewed the Sourcebook as an online publication and downloaded it as a complete PDF, or downloaded parts of the publication as smaller PDF files.

For more information about the Sourcebook and to view the publication online, visit the Stained Glass Association of America at www.SGAAOnline.com or www.stainedglass.org.

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