Apr 082010

"Lighting" is reprinted from the SGAA Stained Glass School's Reference & Technical Manual, Second Edition.

The Stained Glass Association of America is pleased to announce the availability of “Chapter 21: Lighting” from the SGAA Reference & Technical Manual, Second Edition. This is the latest chapter made available in reprint edition of the popular Manual, which has been out of print for many years.

This chapter includes essays on color and light in interior spaces, the artificial lighting of stained glass windows through the use of light boxes, and includes extensive information on the design and fabrication of stained glass lamps. The book concludes by touching briefly on the use of neon.

This is the eighth title available in this series. Other available chapters are “Glazing & Copperfoil,” “Cartooning & Cutting Glass,” “Installation & Safety Glazing,” “Design & Color,” “Dalle de Verre,” “Painting for Stained Glass,” and “Structure and Reinforcement.”

“Chapter 21: Lighting” and all reprint chapters from the SGAA Reference & Technical Manual, Second Edition, are available from the SGAA Headquarters by calling 800.438-9581 or are available for order online. For more information, see www.stainedglass.org.

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