Apr 082010

 Evenheat announces a new and valuable alarm enhancement to the Rampmaster control. The alarm update consists of “Beginning of Process Hold” and “End of Process Hold” alarms. The process hold is the point during a glass firing where the glass moves and takes on new form, such as slumping or fusing.  

The Beginning of Process Hold Alarm alerts you when your glass is about to start taking on new form. Knowing when this occurs is very helpful as it puts you in a timely position to react to the glass changes and make decisions and adjustments as necessary.

The End of Process Hold Alarm alerts you when your glass has completed the shape-changing process and is headed to the anneal portion of the firing. This allows you to be present to stop further movement of the glass and to force cool down to the anneal if desired.

With these new Rampmaster alarm features, the artist has every opportunity to extend or shorten the firing process or to be present to stop further changes and quickly cool the kiln down to the anneal temperature.

To learn more about Evenheat’s Rampmaster control and these new alarm updates, visit www.evenheat-kiln.com.

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