Apr 082010

Glashütte Lamberts of Germany, recognized as the world leader in the production of mouth-blown sheet glasses, is now under the new leadership of Mr. Hans Reiner Meindl. After 28 years at the head of the family business, Stephan Lamberts will remain as consultant.

Mr. Meindl has extensive experience in the glass industry. He now concludes a 10-year career at Heinz Holding GmbH., a leading international manufacturer of perfume bottles, leaving his current position as managing director. Mr. Meindl is expected to bring the business forward through his experience, the expertise of Glashütte Lamberts’ staff, and the factory’s long-standing relationships with global business partners. Lamberts’ partnership with Bendheim, the exclusive distributor of Lamberts glass in North America, has endured for three generations.

“We are confident Mr. Meindl will build on Lamberts’ foundation of traditional glassblowing methods and technological knowledge to increase their capabilities and range of products,” said Robert Jayson, President of Bendheim. “We look forward to the continued growth of our 70-year partnership with Lamberts.”

The art of creating mouth-blown flat glass has become a rare craft. Glashütte Lamberts is known to artists, designers, and architects throughout the world for the quality and variety of its mouth-blown glasses, unsurpassed in their brilliance and body. Artists have designed with Lamberts glass for a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. A rich palette of more than 500 colors is availble from Bendheim’s extensive stock, with more than 5,000 colors and textures accessible through the Lamberts factory in Germany.

To request information and samples of Lamberts original mouth-blown art glass, visit www.bendheimstainedglass.com or call 800-221-7379 (East), 800-900-3499 (West).

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