Have You Considered Membership In The Trade Organization?

Founded in 1903, The Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the advancement of the stained and leaded glass field.

The objectives of the Association are: to function as the recognized organization of distinction and to conduct its affairs in a manner that will reflect credit upon its image and craft; to maintain the highest possible standards for excellence in craftsmanship, integrity, and business practices; to provide facilities offering active membership participation, extensive craft training, organizational and craft-related information, trade-related consulting, and documentary services; to research and develop new products, processes, and techniques for the advancement of innovative craft expression; to act as the authoritative historian and archivist for its craft in America; to defend and protect its craft against unwarranted regulation restricting its freedom of use as an architectural art form.

If these objectives make sense to you and you want to be a part of the future of stained, decorative, and architectural art glass, then you should be a member of the SGAA.


Stained Glass Association of America


Find out more at www.stainedglass.org
or call the SGAA Headquarters at 800.438-9581