SGAA Is Working for the Industry

114 CoverIn approximately six months, the Stained Glass Association of America will be holding our Annual Summer Conference.  The Conference Committee has been diligently working to present a fine array of lectures and workshops that will be informative and fun.

What else has the SGAA been up to in the last six months? The Health and Safety Committee, under the leadership of Al Priest, has finished the Safety Pamphlet, SGAA Recommendations for the Safe Use of Aerial Lifts, Scaffolding, Ladders and Ladder-Jack Scaffolds. The committee has worked tirelessly for the past two years to provide studios and their employees with the safety recommendations of which studios need to be aware when working above ground level.  These pamphlets are now available and I urge everyone to get a copy to insure that you and your employees, as well as the general public, have a safe environment to be around.

The long awaited revisions to the Restoration Guidelines pamphlet will be available for distribution this spring. As with the previous pamphlet, this important publication is a most useful tool at the bench. Many studios also use this booklet to educate and inform clients of proper techniques and procedures while restoring art glass.

Many thanks need to go to the former chair of the Restoration Committee, Jules Mominee, and his committee for laying the ground work for the revisions of this document. Under the capable hands of David Guarducci, who took over the Committee earlier this year, the Committee has finalized the pamphlet. I think most will be impressed with this publication. Restoration of art glass seems to be a controversial topic to discuss. Again, the SGAA leads the way in setting the standard for all of us to achieve.

Rick Hoover has established a formal office at the Stained Glass School property. This is an important development at the future site of a permanent complex dedicated to art glass education. Rick’s stewardship of the Stained Glass School has infused much energy into this important function of the SGAA. Many important decisions concerning the School will be decided at the Winter Business Meeting. The Winter Business Meeting is open to all.

Should you not be able to attend the Winter Business Meeting, you should plan now to attend the Annual Summer Conference. There is no better place to discuss recommendations and standards so important to our trade than at the SGAA Summer Conference. For most, the results of a good conference enable one to return to their shops with sound information and creative juices restored.  This helps a studio maintain high standards of efficiency and quality. The atmosphere of a conference is not all lectures and no fun. Sights and sounds abound mingled with food and drink amongst colleagues enjoying great conversation. It’s a chance to make friends with professionals working in the field that can be of great benefit to you throughout the year.

There have been many great lectures and presentations over they years; some of those most memorable to me include a demonstration of painting techniques by the late Dick Millard in Pittsburgh in 1995; Charlie Lawrence describing his creative process in Louisville in 2006; and Viggo Rambusch this past year in the middle of a Tiffany-adorned chapel discussing the illumination of architectural settings through the ages. I have found it to be true for me again and again, and I know you will, too. At the Annual Summer Conference, you will receive sound and important information to further your work. You can count on that.

So join us in Kansas City this summer to share the experiences of an SGAA Summer Conference.