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If you would like to subscribe over the phone, call the SGAA Headquarters at 800-438-9581

  5 Responses to “Subscribe”

  1. Our grand daughter age 8 asked how is stained glass made when we were at a Shaker Craft fair-no one knew. Can someone please advise me how I can find this out ? Shes wants to know how the color is created.Thanks. Arlene

  2. Hello, I have a subscription to you magazine and tried advertisers in your publication for some antique profiled lead came for a small restoration project for the Ronald McDonald House here in Buffalo NY. It has a rounded center with a sharp lip at the edges….if you can direct me to anyone who may be able to help me find this material, I would really appreciate it….I need approx. 50 feet to rebuild this panel.

    Thanks for your help if possible…

    Rob Krysztofowicz
    Anything Art Co.

  3. I would like to purchase several of the new winter magazine that just came out. Is this possible? If it is how do I do this?

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