The Stained Glass Quarterly Wins 2014 Gold Ink Award



The Stained Glass Quarterly wins its Third Gold Ink Award!

The Winter 2013 Edition of The Stained Glass Quarterly has taken a Bronze in the Gold Ink Awards. The Stained Glass Quarterly’s entry was one of more than 1000 entries from all over the world including such prestigious magazines as The New York Times, Architect, and V Magazine. The Gold Ink Award is considered the Oscar of the publishing industry and for 27 years has celebrated the best in collaborations between editors and printers.

Elements considered in the competition are layout, design, editorial structure, and how that is translated and captured by the press house including print quality, technical difficulty and then the resulting overall visual effect created by the collaboration. The entries are judged by an international group of graphic artists, production managers, and print buyers.

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  1. FYI – your url links for the creativity workshop in NYC and the center in barcelona spain are outdated. The correct link for NYC is and I cannot find a current one for fundació centre del vidre de barcelona.

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