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  1. I am interested in the least expensive way to get a notice into your journal seeking information about a very significant staircase tryptich that was in our Pittsburgh mansion until the late 1970’s. The windows ranged from 18′ tall (estimated) to 10′ tall, all about 3-1/2′ wide, and depicted a forest at sunset with birds gliding twixt trees, and a large owl with jeweled eyes in the uppermost, by the 2nd story landing. (One sash of that window was missing, however, due to a fire in the building next door.) They had all of the hallmaks of LaFarge windows (very elaborate borders, very small piece, mosaic-like backgrounds, and etc.) although I’ve been told that he had no commissions for this address on South Highland Avenue, so they may have been made by an associate, or another firm of extreme ability. I am writing a book, and would like to know if these windows have survived, or even just a photograph of them. (The people we sold the house to, who cut it up into apartments and otherwise severely butchered it, are not friendly and haven’t responded to my questions as to the windows’ fate.)

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