Four-plus-Four Subscription


Receive the last four and the next four issues of The Stained Glass Quarterly for only $60 (in the US).

When you subscribe to The Stained Glass Quarterly with this special offer, you will receive eight issues of the magazine: the last four issues that were published and the next four issues of the magazine to be published. You get eight magazines for only $60! You save $20 off the cover price!

Please note: if you are purchasing for someone else, you can add their name and address in PayPal’s “Shipping Address” section. Any other messages such as a gift message to the SGAA Headquarters can be added to the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” section.

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  4 Responses to “Four-plus-Four Subscription”

  1. I already paid for a 1 year subscription, but I want to buy the last four copies. How do I do that without doubling up on the next four issues? Thanks.

    • The best way to do this is to contact the SGAA’s business office at 800.438-9581. Katei will be able to arrange converting the regular subscription to the 4+4 subscription for you.

  2. I am interested in ordering the four plus four subscription for my husband, who is a stained glass painter here in Australia. I notice that you have ( in US only ) next to the details. Is this only price related , or does it mean that you do not send internationally. Just checking, before I order! Please advise ASAP.

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