Back Issue Clearance!


Back Issues of The Stained Glass Quarterly are on clearance sale! Only $2 each or $40 for all 39 available issues. Are you missing issues? Want to archive more of the older issues for research?  Now is the time to complete your SGQ Library!

Download PDF Here or call the SGAA Headquarters at 800.438.9581; we are always glad to take your call!

Don’t miss out on these great articles plus many, many more!

  • Fall 1996 “Joseph E. Flanagan, Founding Father of the Stained Glass Association of America” by Neal Vogel
  • Fall 2001: “Designing Inspirational Stained Glass for Sacred Spaces” by Paul Friend
  • Winter 2004: “Vetrate Artistiche Tocane: Eye on Italian Stained Glass”
    by Melissa Barclay
  • Spring 2005: “Analysis and Comparison of Old and New Lead Came”
    by Veda-Ann Ulcickas, Materials Engineer
  • Summer 2007: “Unpretentious Joys: Remembering Albinas Elskus”
  • Spring 2008: “A Window to Sustainability: Art Glass’s Place in a Greener World”
    by Kevin Grabowski
  • Spring 2009: ” Quality and Craftsmanship: An Approach to Custom Bevel and Engraving Work” by Paul Luke
  • Fall 2011: “The FDNY Memorial Wall” by Martin Rambusch


  4 Responses to “Back Issue Clearance!”

  1. I would like to get the back issue that had :Google, part 2″ I already have part 1 but believe there was a second. Could you let me know what issue this was so that I can take advantage of back issue sale, thank you.

  2. You can order individul articles and should contact the SGAA Headquarters at 800.438-9581 for details.

  3. I am looking for an article that was referenced in an article elsewhere, but before I order the issue, is it possible to just get the article and not the entire issue? If not, can you confirm that the correct issue is Summer 2004 before I order? The article I am in need of is:

    “Harry Wright Goodhue: Stained Glass of Unsurpassed Distinction and
    Rare Beauty,” The Stained Glass Quarterly 99:2 (Summer 2004)

    Thank you,

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